Comfy Sofa: Marlon Campeche

Welcome to the first edition of “Comfy Sofa” a series of interviews where fans, players, coaches chat about their teams. Along the way you’ll get to know their pre/post game rituals and superstitions. Our first guest is Marlon Campeche, a staunch follower of his national team Mexico and Pumas UNAM, one of the top clubs in the Mexican Primera Division.

Why did you start supporting Pumas?

I liked Jorge Campos who was their goalkeeper at the time. One of my cousins also followed them so I decided to do so as well.

Does anyone in your family support another club?

My mom supports Club America who along with Cruz Azul and Pumas are the three clubs in Mexico City. The rivalry between Pumas and Club America is more intense though.

Where do Pumas play their games?

In the Estadio Olimpico which also hosted the 1968 Summer Olympics.

Have you ever gone to watch a game?

Unfortunately no. I watch most of the games on my laptop or on T.V with my family.

Do you guys do anything special before watching the game?

We eat a big meal 45 minutes before kick-off.

And during the game?

Nothing big, just some chips. You don’t want to be distracted and miss a goal!

The fans that go to the stadium, how do they prepare for games?

There are around 15 fan buses that go to the game. Along the way people are singing and you have trumpet bands that add to the ambiance.

Your national team Mexico had a good World Cup.

Yeah because I wore my red jersey and we would always win!

So what were you wearing when you guys lost to Holland?

My red jersey but I had my work apron over it … so yeah. (laughs)

Mexico is known as a passionate football country, are there any beliefs that feed this passion?

Well its a very Catholic country. Before players enter the pitch, they do the cross sign on their shoulders, chest and forehead.

Are you Catholic?


Do you do the cross sign?

I did when I was playing for my high school team.

So Catholicism is the source of Mexicans pregame rituals?

For the most part yes. If there are any other rituals I haven’t seen them.


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